About us

About Us

Rimeforge Entertainment is a fresh company established in 2014 and situated in the city of Tampere, Finland. Focused on game and software development, our core team consists of graduates from Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

We create platform-independent software solutions tailored to perfectly fit the client’s needs and requirements. Our services include high-quality 3D-production, website design and implementation, business applications and visually impressive games.


Janne Vähäkuopus
A multi-talented web and game programmer, Janne is also responsible for keeping spirits up around the office. He wraps up software projects and brings a smile to your face with equal ease.
Teemu Sinkkonen
Lead Designer
This renaissance man of game development is especially passionate about game design and creating visual effects. Occasionally he is taken by a fey mood and he retreats to his computer, only to emerge later with a brand new city generator or dynamic water system
Juhani Partanen
Lead artist
Known at the office as "digital Michelangelo", Juhani is a master of 2d and 3d graphics. His incredible work ethic and can-do attitude allows even the team's wildest ideas to come to life.
Jari Mäkelä
This gladiator of coding is the solid backbone of our team. He goes about hunting bugs and implementing mechanics with a zen-like calm and grace.